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Recommendation - Castlevania (Animated Series)

Castlevania (Animated Series)

With another week comes another recommendation! 

If you love fit bisexual vampires, moody monster-hunters, and absolutely awesome magic-users - then Castlevania is for you! 

Based on a video game series from the 80s and 90s, the animated series gave new life to the beloved characters in its Netflix adaptation. The animation is truly wonderful with the fight scenes resembling something more of a painting than a cartoon. It is also surprisingly funny for animation with so much bloodshed, heartache, and straight-up brutality. 

It is definitely fantasy with enough bad language to impress my grandmother. It is also very, consistently gory and doesn't shy away from sex either. So if any of those things jump out as a 'No' then I wouldn't recommend it for you personally. But if you don't mind that then give it a go! 

This animation has exceeded my expectations again and again with stellar writing, crazy-good characters, and a plot too wild to be missed. 

Castlevania (2017) Netflix. 


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