July Means It's Austen Month!

As is the custom with my life at the moment, July brings more news.

My friends over at Lime-and-Dragon have invited me to be part of their Austen month! 

If you know me well, I sold my soul to Jane Austen long ago, and ever since my soul has existed in the realms of romance. Naturally, when I did my degree at the University of Exeter, Austen was one of my favorite ports to call in my academic work. 

So of course I jumped at the chance to be involved with their wonderful work. Their videos include reviews, tutorials, and academic analysis at some truly interesting games, books, films, and television. Definitely, worth a binge: those two are hilarious

They will be posting throughout July with comments this year on everyone's least vexing protagonist: Emma. 

Have a wonderful month! 

Lime and Dragon here


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