Friday, December 31, 2021

Farewell 2021: Happy New Year!

I've never made a habit out of doing a long post on social media because in some regards I've always been shy and private when it comes to myself. However, this year has been one of firsts! And I need to remind myself that I'm allowed to be proud. 

I published my first book! Secrets of Baker Street will always have a spot in my heart also with the lovely people at Orange Pip Books. Perhaps in the future my lovely Watson and Holmes will get a resurgence? We shall have to see. 

Then after that one Our Strange Symphony came along. A project I have been harbouring in my heart for years. A story of love springing unexpectedly - the best kind of love. 

I published my first poems! Someone saw them and thought, 'Actually...this is pretty good!' - for someone who burned her diaries and poetry (I'm hardcore what can I say) and swore off the medium entirely... I am overjoyed. 

I produced a flipping pilot for my series 'Dead Stiff' I got to work with such talented VAs! Even if it goes no where - I did that! 

I got into screenwriting! I got in competitions!!! I even won a few! 

I frequently find myself full of doubt. Tearing myself apart for perfection that doesn't exist. 

But if I've learned anything this year its that you can't please everyone - but as long as you're enjoying yourself - you're exactly where you need to be. 

Keep holding on. Life is too short not to enjoy it. 
Bring on 2022. Let's smash it. 

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