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Welcome to my corner of the internet! 

My name is Perry Wyatt and I am a writer from Wales. 

To put it simply, I am a storyteller. I am a novelist at heart, but recently I have discovered a flair for screenwriting and a love for audio drama. Thus, like a madman, I am embarking on many projects at most times. 

Before I got into any of this I was a journalist and from time to time I like to dabble in that too. I have written for the likes of, The Falmouth Anchor, Waterfront, Buzz Magazine, and Comic Universe. In some of those, I took on a role as an Editor. 

I received 2:1 (BA) English at Exeter University (Penryn Campus) in 2019. And a Distinction (MA) Creative Writing from Swansea University. Additionally, I am currently doing a Ph.D. 

You can contact me on Twitter @PerryWyatt1

Instagram @pg.wyatt



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 Hiya readers, passer-bys, and lost souls - good day to you! And Happy New Year!  If (like me) last year was a strange, horrid dream with no end - the new year finally arrives and brings hope for brighter days to come. I am ever the fatally optimistic.  Hopefully, this year will be full of wonder, love, and joy. I'm just excited to finally get to see the world!  Have a little Murphy to see you into the New Year.  All the best to you and yours!  Perry 

Farewell 2021: Happy New Year!

I've never made a habit out of doing a long post on social media because in some regards I've always been shy and private when it comes to myself. However, this year has been one of firsts! And I need to remind myself that I'm allowed to be proud.  I published my first book! Secrets of Baker Street will always have a spot in my heart also with the lovely people at Orange Pip Books. Perhaps in the future my lovely Watson and Holmes will get a resurgence? We shall have to see.  Then after that one Our Strange Symphony came along. A project I have been harbouring in my heart for years. A story of love springing unexpectedly - the best kind of love.  I published my first poems! Someone saw them and thought, 'Actually...this is pretty good!' - for someone who burned her diaries and poetry (I'm hardcore what can I say) and swore off the medium entirely... I am overjoyed.  I produced a flipping pilot for my series 'Dead Stiff' I got to work with such talented

Bite Back

  Awards and Selections Award-Winner - Best Feature Script.  World Film Carnival - Singapore. 03/03/22 Award Winner - Best Feature Script/Screenplay.  White Pearl International Film Festival. 10/05/22 Officially Selected. Emerald Peacock. 02/06/22 Award Winner  - Best Feature Script/Screen Play. Diamond Bell International Film Festival. 14/07/22  3rd Place - Feature Script.  Lit Scares International Horror Festival. 06/08/22 Officially Selected - Tournadeau Music and Film Festival. 26/08/22 Officially Selected - Tatra International Film Festival. 26/08/22