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Our Strange Symphony

As of September 2021 I have birthed my second literary child into the world!  'Our Strange Symphony' is a piece of romantic new adult fiction about an architect trying to get her life back on track and an infamous musician who crashes her life.  Here is the blurb:  Katya Volokov's life was perfectly on track. Fresh out of university, Kat scored her dream job and her own apartment in her beloved city of London. With her crazy group of friends at her side and her tyrannous mother appeased - everything was set. Until it wasn't. With her plans obliterated, Kat falls apart only to wash up in the town her friends moved to after university ended: Brighton. She takes a job at the teashop, Victorious Sponge, while she puts herself back together and then figures out which step is right. If any of them are. Then she is reunited with Zack, an infamous classmate from her high-school days. Only now he's a rockstar, and notorious for different reasons. The pair discover they share