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Published Poetry

  Hello!  The realm of poetry has always been something that seemed to allude me. I remember having a go writing poetry in high school. It was very lovey-dovey and I tried to make everything rhyme - every single time - so for new words, I would mine - and the embarrassment was thine.  However, I have been inspired again; by the good, the bad, and the downright questionable.  But I am happy to report that perhaps I am not totally useless with poetry after all .  Poems Published  2021 'The Missing Person’s Advert', Bonemilk Anthology, Gutslut Press  2021 'Folk of the Glade' (page 76), Issue One: Swampland, Moss Puppy Mag , Autumn 2021 'Stargazer', Atmosphere, Gaia Lit  Autumn 2021 'Once A Month' (page 15), Issue Two,  Hallowzine 2021  'Sherwood in Season,' Issue Ten, Fahmidan Journal 2021 2022 'Silent Ravens', Issue Eleven: Magic, Re-Side , Spring 2022  'The Dolly Mixture', (page 44) Issue Twelve, Ice Lolly Review , Spring 2022 &#