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Recommendation - Shadow and Bone (Netflix Adaptation)

 Shadow and Bone  When I heard that an adaptation of Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone was coming to the small screen I was so excited and then struck by worry. I'd been excited for an adaptation before; I was raving about Shadowhunters until the first episode came out. And then it did and my heart had never sunk so hard in my life.  Obviously, if you liked the series, that's cool - but for someone who loved those books passionately I didn't feel they did the books justice and I was let down by the choices made for the characters and the set. It felt like someone had looked at the blurb and nothing else. I can assure you that it was not the fact that Clary's hair was the colour of Fanta (though that didn't help). Nothing against the cast, of course, I think Malec's casting was impressive enough for me to stick around for a bit.  But this was not the case for Shadow and Bone. Someone did their research and holy heck it paid off. Okay, the Crows were not in the

Young, Smart, and On Fire

 Young, Smart, and On Fire  Feature Screenplay (Drama) A group of Welsh students who just want to survive sixth-form get roped into a project about exploring Welsh culture but things go awry when love gets complicated. This screenplay is currently available.  Awards and Selections: 1. Award Winner. Outstanding Achievement Award - Feature Script. World Film Carnival - Singapore (WFCS) (21.04.2021) 2. Special Mention - Feature Screenplay. Madras Independent Film Festival. (29.04.21) 3. Special Mention - Feature Script. London International Monthly Film Festival. (08.05.2021) 4. Selected for )||( - ISAFF. (27.04.2021) Honourable Mention for )||( - ISAFF (30.05.2021) 5. Selected for Onyko Films Awards. (01.05.2021) 6.      Honourable Mention -  Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival. (09.05.2021) 6.    Award-Winner. Narrative Feature (Gold Award).  Virgin Spring Cinefest. (14.05.2021) 7. Selected for CKF International Film Festival. (01.06.2021) 8. Semi-Finalist for Stockholm Film

Selections and Awards - April 2021

Hello all! I hope you are all having a lovely week! Besides going back to work, I have been working on some new horror scripts but in the meantime, I am very happy to report that my other script projects, 'Young, Smart, and On Fire' and Hubble have been doing well! YSAOF was selected for the World Film Carnival – Singapore(WFCS) and Hubble won an award at the Indo French International Film Festival!  I'm chuffed to pieces to see my work paying off!  

Hubble Got Lucky!

My pilot script for Hubble got lucky recently and was awarded Finalist in the Screen Power Film Festival and was selected for the Indo French International Film Festival! Very happy!  This has given me plenty of hope for getting the rest of the series produced. 

The Case of Fawkes and Fireworks

The Case of Fawkes and Fireworks  Action. Period Drama.  An explosive One-Shot about two female detectives.  Published by Orange Pip Books.  Available to read for free  here.

Dead Stiff

Dead Stiff (18+) Audio/Radio Drama   A comedy series following the hilarious team of Jezebel's - a sex shop that used to be a funeral home.  A twelve-part audio drama written in 2022. Pilot produced in June.  


Hubble Sci-Fi TV Series  A motley crew explores space with one mission: research and rescue.  This is a ten-part series currently being written. I am aiming to have it produced as an animation.  Pilot - Awards and Selections: 1.  Finalist - Best Short Script. March Award 2021. Screen Power Film Festival. (06.04.2021) Also Honourable Mention.  Screen Power Film Festival. (27.04.2021) 2.  Award Winner for Indo French International Film Festival (IFIFF). (09.03.2021)        3.  Finalist - Television Pilot or Series. Tagore International Film Festival (TIFF). (26.04.2021) Award Winner - Television Pilot or Series. Tagore International Film Festival (TIFF). (29.04.2021) 4. Selected for Golden Sparrow International Film Festival. (01.05.2021) Award Winner for Golden Sparrow International Film Festival. (17.05.2021) 5. Special Jury Award - Gona Film Awards. (01.05.2021)      6. Selected for Kosice International Monthly Film Festival. (14.05.2021) Finalist for Kosice International Monthly Film

New Website!

 Hello, wandering travellers!  My name is Perry Wyatt but everyone calls me Pez. I am a novelist, gamer, and screenwriter from Wales. This website will host any updates I have on my work.  I hope you have a lovely nice day. 💫 You can reach me here:   Twitter @PerryWyatt1 Instagram @pg.wyatt