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2024 Update!

 Hello stragglers, strays, and dashing rogues!  I hope any readers of this are having a wonderful start to the year. I hope it brings you all the joy and excitement that you wish for.  Last year in summary:  -  Concluded my studies at Swansea Uni! The stress was beyond anything I have ever encountered but I remain undefeated!  - Finished the first of a fantasy duology following a reckless Princess and her quest for peace.  - Wrote lots of poetry! It is time to release it into the world. - Pressed 190lbs in the gym (I know it's not writing relevant but honestly I was so chuffed it made my week).  - Learned how to cross-stitch!  - Went abroad for the first time in my life! It was amazing!  Hopefully, I will have many exciting things to share this year. I have a few projects in the work that I am excited about; not only fiction, but poetry, audio, and screen. Y'know what I'm like, it's either full throttle or it's nothing.  Happy to report though that for the first tim