2024 Update!

 Hello stragglers, strays, and dashing rogues! 

I hope any readers of this are having a wonderful start to the year. I hope it brings you all the joy and excitement that you wish for. 

Last year in summary: 

-  Concluded my studies at Swansea Uni! The stress was beyond anything I have ever encountered but I remain undefeated! 

- Finished the first of a fantasy duology following a reckless Princess and her quest for peace. 

- Wrote lots of poetry! It is time to release it into the world.

- Pressed 190lbs in the gym (I know it's not writing relevant but honestly I was so chuffed it made my week). 

- Learned how to cross-stitch! 

- Went abroad for the first time in my life! It was amazing! 

Hopefully, I will have many exciting things to share this year. I have a few projects in the work that I am excited about; not only fiction, but poetry, audio, and screen. Y'know what I'm like, it's either full throttle or it's nothing. 

Happy to report though that for the first time, in a long time, I feel more like myself. 

We never know what is around the corner in this big old crazy party that is life. And that is the joy of it. But we're only human and can only cope with so much so, if you need it, tell someone, and get help. Suffering in silence is never the answer and you owe it to yourself. 

 The world is so much better with you in it. And I promise, it gets better. 

I have a few book recommendations to share! 

The House in the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klune: It felt like coming home and receiving the biggest hug in the world. 

A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins: A return to Panem that I found a gripping read from start to end. This world, so much like our own, sent chills down my spine. 


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