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Sci-Fi TV Series 

A motley crew explores space with one mission: research and rescue. 

This is a ten-part series currently being written. I am aiming to have it produced as an animation. 

Pilot - Awards and Selections:

1.  Finalist - Best Short Script. March Award 2021. Screen Power Film Festival. (06.04.2021)
Also Honourable Mention.  Screen Power Film Festival. (27.04.2021)
2.  Award Winner for Indo French International Film Festival (IFIFF). (09.03.2021)       
3.  Finalist - Television Pilot or Series. Tagore International Film Festival (TIFF). (26.04.2021)
Award Winner - Television Pilot or Series. Tagore International Film Festival (TIFF). (29.04.2021)

4. Selected for Golden Sparrow International Film Festival. (01.05.2021)
Award Winner for Golden Sparrow International Film Festival. (17.05.2021)
5. Special Jury Award - Gona Film Awards. (01.05.2021)    
6. Selected for Kosice International Monthly Film Festival. (14.05.2021)
Finalist for Kosice International Monthly Film Festival. (21.05.2021)

7. Selected for Tokyo Lift-Off Festival. (19.05.21)

8. Award-Winner for Black Swan International Film Festival BSIFF. (30.05.2021)


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  Awards and Selections Award-Winner - Best Feature Script.  World Film Carnival - Singapore. 03/03/22 Award Winner - Best Feature Script/Screenplay.  White Pearl International Film Festival. 10/05/22 Officially Selected. Emerald Peacock. 02/06/22 Award Winner  - Best Feature Script/Screen Play. Diamond Bell International Film Festival. 14/07/22  3rd Place - Feature Script.  Lit Scares International Horror Festival. 06/08/22 Officially Selected - Tournadeau Music and Film Festival. 26/08/22 Officially Selected - Tatra International Film Festival. 26/08/22